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Come with me to Italy!

Gondolas in Italy


I am heading to Venice, Milan, Florence and Deruta at the end of the week and I'd love to take you along! I will be on a treasure hunt for new products (this is the part I love the most!) as well as working with my current artists. I will be posting my adventure on Instagram and Facebook and I will be looking to all of you to help me make decisions (do you like this in red or blue? In gold or silver? Larger, smaller?) Please follow me so that I can get your feedback!

In Milan I will be attending two trade shows. Mipel, held twice a year, is a cornucopia of beautiful Italian leather goods from handbags to gloves and everything in between and Macef (now called Homi) features home goods and gift items from all over the world.

First stop though will be Venice where I will stay on the island of Murano to make getting to work in the morning easy. Years ago I would stay on Venice and between jet lag and losing myself in the ancient beauty of cobbled stone streets and arching bridges (yes, I am still in awe) I would be late for every morning appointment I had on Murano. Now I roll out of bed and head to my favorite cafe for a cafe latte and a cornetto alla crema----a custard filled pastry that is freshly made and, when early enough, is served hot from the oven. I will sometimes run into a friend or working acquaintance on the street and exchange a “Ciao, come stai?”, maybe even go for a coffee together. I am then ready for my day of treasure hunting.

Murano was, once upon a time, a very sleepy, tiny island where everything was shuttered by 6pm. It is now a lively place with 2 Five Star hotels, pizzerias, cafes and lots of people eating, drinking and spending time together. I love staying on the island, walking to appointments and running into familiar faces, while knowing that Venice is only a vaporetto ride away.

With the summer travel season getting closer and people starting to plan their trips, I have a few helpful tips on everything from fun things to do in Florence and Venice (the two cities I know the best) to packing tips to save space and have plenty of room to bring treasures home with you. So be sure to check in with me via Facebook and Instagram and I will send an occasional email as well.

In good health!


Elisabetta at My Italian Decor

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