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About Us

My Italian Decor started, as all good things should begin, with love. It was a love affair with a way of life, with the sounds of people around the dinner table, the joy of laughter and the passion of an opinion. It was the colors of the Italian landscape, and the beauty of hand crafted work. It was the value of design and aesthetics and the uncompromising commitment to the highest quality materials possible that brought me to the business of Italian products.

After seven wonderful years living abroad I returned to the States and began to share my love for all things Italian by working with artists from regions all over Italy and distributing their beautiful hand crafted pieces throughout the United States. I sell to galleries, museum stores, high-end catalogs and exclusive boutiques.

After 24 years of wholesaling, I am now bringing my favorite pieces directly to you. I bring to you the finest in Italian craftsmanship, the highest quality materials, attention to detail and the best prices possible.

You can be assured that all my pieces that state “Made in Italy”are made in Italy. I work with Murano glass from the island of Murano near Venice. These beautiful pieces are still done in the age honored traditions of their forefathers.

I hope you love all these pieces as much as I do.

Con amore,