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Wedding Registry

Congratulations on your engagement!

Online universal registry tools that make it easy to add gifts from any online store to one registry. Below are instructions below for adding items to your registry at Zola, The Knot and Thankful.

Have questions? Let us know, we'd be glad to help!


It's easy to add items to your Zola registry using the "Add to Zola" browser extension or by entering the URL of the item. For more information, Zola has complete instructions on how to add items to your registry.


The Knot

The Knot makes it simple to add My Italian Decor items to your registry. Go to your registry on The Knot and click on "Add Gifts". Alternatively you can enable the "Add to the Knot" button on your brower's bookmarks bar. Read this blog post at The Knot to learn everything about their Universal Registry



The “Add to Thankful” bookmarklet lets you register for items from any online store that delivers to you. It works just like Pinterest's “Pin It” button. When you sign up for a Thankful registry, you can access instructions for installing the "Add to Thankful" bookmarklet.