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Murano Glass Apples

Our Murano Glass apples are handmade in the ancient tradition of Venetian glass-making that has been practiced on Murano Island since the the 13th century. These beautiful figurines showcase the skill of the Venetian glass artisans with complex glass-making techniques and fine craftsmanship that could never be matched outside of Venice, Italy. Rich and gold-accented Murano Glass apples make wonderful accents in your home and are unique gifts for teachers, housewarming gifts, gifts for family and friends that create an exquisite touch to your Italian decor.

The Murano Glass apples belong to our Murano Glass Fruit Collection. For over 20 years, My Italian Decor has been importing hand-blown glass fruit from Murano, Italy to the U.S. Sold in Museums across the country, these collectible pieces of glass art are a customer favorite.