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Our Celebrated Murano Glass Chirpie Birds

Murano Glass Birds sitting outside

 “Non si po` arrivare con le mani in tasca!”

Literally translated this means “Don't arrive with your hands in your pockets!”

When I first heard this I imagined someone standing at my door, hands in pockets because maybe they were cold? I didn't quite understand the underlying message. The look on my face said “huh?” and I was then told, you don't arrive at someone's house without a gift!

This was the dilemma that faced the artist who makes the Murano glass Chirpie Birds for us. He was invited to a dinner at a friends' restaurant in Venice, Da Ivo, a fine dining establishment and he had no idea what to bring with him. He thought about his birds which have become increasingly popular around Murano and thought, I could make these a little larger, a little thicker, add some holes at the top and one at the bottom and turn them into salt and paper shakers. That was it! He spent the next few days studying how to best create the sturdiest and most beautiful salt and pepper shakers, that would be befitting a restaurant the status of Da Ivo. 

Da Ivo Restaurant in Venice

The night of the dinner came and the artist arrived with his newest creation in hand. The owner of Da Ivo loved them so much he ordered them to be placed on every table in the restaurant and extras to be given to special guests. Amongst the many recipients of the enchanting salt & pepper shakers were George Clooney, Brad Pitt and many well known Italian personalities. 

Murano Glass Chirpie Birds on tables

I fell in love with these birds the minute I saw them. We have carried them now for 5 years or so and every single one I've ever seen is different from the other. Each face conveys a unique personality, their plumage a collection of colored Murano glass woven together with a sophistication only a true Master endows. They are a true work of art and a happy companion to your Murano glass collection.


"This bird is beautiful, exactly as shown. It’s going to be a gift for a friend and I know she’ll love it. Shipping was fast and very well packaged. Thank you." 

--Mary G.

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