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Decanters - What are they and Why use them?

Starburst Crystal DecanterStarburst Decanter and Wine Glasses

What are Decanters and why use them?

Decanters are a beautiful way to display and store wine or spirits, especially during the holiday season. Whether you're planning an evening of fine wine, or serving drinks on the rocks, pouring your spirit from a decanter elevates the home bartending experience.  

Chic and timeless, the liquor decanter is a bar cart staple and always in style. Independent distilleries and craft spirits are back in a big way making decanters hip again.

Why add a Decanter to your home bar?


Decanters say classy without even trying. Add a touch of sophistication and personality to your bar cart with a vibrant hand-painted Italian Crystal Decanter. And if you are a whiskey aficionado, decanters are an excellent way to showcase your collection.

Caly Decanter and Glasses

Caly Short Glasses and Decanter


We’re all familiar with Wine Decanters as many wines need to breathe an hour before serving and a decanter is an elegant way to do this. Scotch doesn’t really need to breathe, the alcohol content keeps it from any dramatic shifts in flavor. Some people do report noticing a difference when they decant Scotch, but most likely it’s very subtle. Once you do add spirits to a decanter, make sure to add an airtight seal when storing for more than a few days.


Wave Short Glasses and Decanter

Focus on taste, not on the label

Sometimes, you might like for your guests to see the label, and other times you may not. If you want to focus attention on the taste and not the label, use a decanter. Not having a label makes it hard to pre-judge and forces people to use their senses to form an opinion.

Italian Crystal Decanters and Glassware

Ready to add a Decanter to your home bar? Take a look at our Italian Crystal Decanters. And for the ultimate presentation pair your Decanter with a set of coordinating glassware. Our heirloom-quality Italian Crystal Glassware is hand-painted in Veneto, Italy.

 Italian Crystal Jazz Decanter

Jazz Decanter


Lyrical Decanter

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