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How to care for Italian leather bags

Treat your Leather Bag with Care for a Lifetime Heirloom 

Purchasing a high-quality Italian Leather bag is an investment worth protecting. Treat it right, and this timeless, versatile piece will last a lifetime. With proper care, your bag will keep its shape and the leather will develop a beautiful patina over time. With a few simple steps, you can keep your bag looking gorgeous for years to come.



Avoid moisture - Leather absorbs moisture so make sure to not place it on a wet surface, especially for a long period of time. If it does get wet let it dry naturally, hairdryers or direct sunlight can dry out the leather.


Avoid Stains - Cosmetics, perfumes, hairsprays and other items that we tend to carry in bags can easily stain leather. Keep these items away from leather as much as possible. A great way to protect your leather bag is to store cosmetics in a **link to beauty bag** smaller cosmetic bag, this is also a great way to keep organized!


Quickly remove stains

If you notice a mark or stain, act quickly, the longer the stain sits the more it will set. Try first blotting with a dry cloth, and if necessary dampen the cloth with warm water. If this does not remove the stain, use a cleaner specifically made for leather. Proceed cautiously, testing a small area first.


Store it properly

An important part of preserving your leather bag is storing it correctly. Before storing, clean your bag out and allow it to air dry. To prevent wrinkles and creases you can stuff your bag with tissue paper to help maintain the shape. Store your bag in the original dust bag or a clean pillowcase. 


Wear it!

Your leather bag was made to be used, wear it often and it will become softer and develop a beautiful patina. 


With a little love and care you can easily keep your leather bag looking beautiful for years to come.