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Learn How to Decorate your Home in Italian Style!

For many, choosing to decorate their home in Italian decor is a lifestyle choice. We love to surround ourselves with the “essence” of Italian life. Family, friends, and that comfortable, lived in feel is what we look for when decorating a home with one of a kind italian pieces. The great thing about changing up the look and feel of your own home is that a beautifully decorated home can be achieved on any budget.

We offer accessories, and Italian Decor decorating ideas. We aren’t just going to show you beautiful pictures. We want to begin to teach you how to break each room down and give you the confidence to recreate this beautiful style in your own home. Have fun decorating your home with these beautiful Italian style decorative accessory items. Your family will love the luxurious textures and colors of each carefully selected piece so reminiscent of the warm decorating in the style of Italy.

Italian home decor accessories are a simple way to spice up any room and they also make great gifts! Pick up a couple of decorative pieces or a cozy blanket throw in a luxurious earth tone, today. The perfect accessory is sure to please, and is an important step in elegant decorating.

Bring the famed Italian region to your home with earthy neutrals and sun-baked hues. Tuscan palettes often include shades of brown, stone, beige and cream, as well as golden yellow, gold, terra cotta, russet, sienna and brick.

For an elegant look try adding a Murano Glass bowl and setting a few lemons or apples in it on your kitchen counter. Pair these with one of a kind Murano Glass drinking glasses to complete the look.

Greens are typically muted, like pear, olive, cypress, loden, sage and dark green. Feel free to experiment with more striking colors for accent, but use them in moderation and keep them tied to nature, and subdued.

Decorating possibilities include celery, bright yellow and even rich purple. If you wish to add a rejuvenating splash of color to your decor, try a cool turquoise or deep blue.

Try adding a decorative dish to your desk or front entry table to achieve this classic Italian look.

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