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5 Italian Food Blogs to Follow

three images; elisabetta in italy with a spritz, spaghetti with tomatoes, and pasta on plate

What is the one thing that everyone wants to talk about after a trip to Italy? 

The food, of course! 

Remember all those wonderfully rich and yummy dinners you enjoyed? Well, there's a way to go back that won't cost more than a meal. With the right recipe you can fill your kitchen with those incredible Italian aromas that will take you right back to your favorite Osteria on the corner. Buon appetito! 

We've rounded up five our favorite food blogs that are packed with delicious authentic Italian recipes like Cacio & Pepe, Parmigiana Bianca di ZucchineFresh Pasta with basil, tomatoes and burrata, or a simple refreshing Spritz!


Deborah Mele spends six months living in Umbria, Italy and the other six months in the U.S. She shares recipes on her blog from her 45 years in the kitchen preparing  Italian meals using fresh, seasonal, simple cooking. Deborah also shares a collection of posts and stories about her life in Italy on the blog.


Frank Fariello is a lawyer by day, Italian cook by night! His blog is his tribute to the home cooking of his nonna Angelina. Frank's recipes are the real deal and you can feel the love he puts in to every dish. You can browse recipes by region, courses, and even by season. A big bonus on Frank's blog; he does not monetize his site in any way, so now ads, no popups, just hundreds of authentic Italian recipes.


Husband and wife team Nathan and Emily live in Italy and create recipes on their food blog, Inside the Rustic Kitchen. They are dedicated to cooking authentic and traditional Italian recipes as well as modern recipes with a fun Italian twist. They have a great section how to make fresh pasta from scratch with step-by-step instructions and lots of photos.


Sara Rosso is passionate about Italy, travel and food and she’s combined them all in her wittily titled blog Ms Adventures in Italy. You’ll find dozens of recipes, some traditional, others simply out of this world, all sumptuous to look at. She also shares tourist and foodie tips as well as some gorgeous photos of Italy. 


Spaghetti and Meatballs blog, subtitled 'Anthony's Italian-American Recipes' is a recipe resource you don't want to miss. Anthony says "I’m just a guy who loves Italian food and who spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his Italian Grandma and Mom asking a lot of questions and enjoying their cooking and company!" Don't miss his post on Making The Sunday Sauce! Spaghetti sauce with Meatballs, Sausage, Pork Chops and Braciole! Anthony walks you through every step with detailed instructions and photos.

Do you have a favorite Italian food blog? Let us know if you try a new recipe from any of the Italian food bloggers listed here.


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