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Vento Murano Blown Glass Holiday Ornament, Multiple Colors, Transparent

Bring a piece of Italy into your home with these beautiful hand blown glass holiday ornaments. Each one is handcrafted by a skilled glass artisan in Murano, Italy. The artist begins with a base color then blows stripes of different colors around the circumference of the ornament. The ornament is then flocked in 18kt gold to give it its stunning finish. These ornaments make a special addition to any holiday decor. They are so beautiful, you'll want to incorporate them into your year-round decor! Whether you hang them on a tree, use them to fill a decorative bowl, or add a few to your centerpiece,  you will notice something different about their pattern every time you look at them.

Measures approximately 9″ in circumference and 3″ in diameter.



Color: Turquoise


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