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Murano Glass Reticello Angel, Large

Authentic Murano glass angel made on the island of Murano by Master glass artist. Reticello (meaning: “small network”) glass is a type of blown glass made with canes organized in a crisscross pattern to resemble a lacy pattern with each crisscross containing a single air bubble. The result is a mesmerizing pattern of twisted and crossed glass cane. It is a very difficult style to master as much can go wrong.

This gorgeous angel is then dusted with 18kt gold foil to give her a truly heavenly effect. This lovely angel will be the protector of your home with a touch of divinity. She makes a joyous gift to any special person on your list. She stands 5 1/2″ from the bottom of her dress to the top of her halo and approximately 2 1/4″ in diameter at her base. She will be well packed in a box for easy gift giving and will include a statement of authenticity.



Color: White


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