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Murano Glass Starburst Bowl, Compote – Made & Hand Painted In Italy


Authentic Hand Made Glass From Murano Italy
High Quality Painted Glass
Can Be Used As A Bowl Or Displayed As Art
✓ Makes a unique gift
Ships in 1 day or less

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Authentic Hand Made Glass From Italy – These bowls are crafted in Florence, and then hand painted in Murano, Italy. With the artists signature engraved on every bowl along with the included ‘Murano Glass’ authenticity sticker, you can be certain your glass was made by Italian Artisans.

High Quality Painted Glass – This bowl is extremely durable and the hand-painted vibrant colors will add color to any room. This bowl shows off true handmade craftsmanship wherever it’s displayed. Colors include: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, and Green.

Can Be Used As A Bowl Or Displayed As Art – This bowl is a great size to hold food or desserts, or it can be put anywhere sunny to add color to a room. The bowl fits anywhere whether its a table, counter, desk or nightstand the options are endless.

Makes a unique gift – These bowls make a unique and memorable gift for any occasion whether its weddings, hostess, coworkers, family, or friends. A bowl like this will surely remind the gift receiver of you whenever they see it.

Ships In 1 Day or Less – Customer satisfaction is our top priority and in keeping up with this we always ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. You can expect to receive your glass quickly, thoroughly wrapped, and in ‘Brand New’ condition.

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