Authentic Murano Glass Millefiori and Gold Angel, Large


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Authentic Millefiori glass angel made on the island of Murano by Master glass artist. Millefiori, meaning “thousand flowers” is an ancient technique which starts by creating a large glass flower disc. The disc is then pulled into spaghetti like sticks. Looking down the center of the stick, or “cane”, you will see the small flower design. The artisan then cuts the sticks into smaller round discs or mosaics and place them one by one by hand into a copper form. The form is then heated and the glass mosaic discs melt into unique floral patterns. This gorgeous angel is then dusted with 18kt gold foil to give her a truly heavenly effect. This lovely angel will be the protector of your home with a touch of divinity. Her divine shape and regal design makes her worthy to be a centerpiece of your holiday decor. She also makes a joyous gift to any special person on your list. She stands 5.5″ from the bottom of her dress to the top of her halo and approximately 2.5″ in diameter at her base. She will be well packed in a gift box for easy gift giving.

Item Condition: New. Brand new Murano glass, with sticker: Made in Murano.