Authentic Murano Glass Elephant, Hand Blown on the Island of Murano, Ocean Blue


Hand blown and accented with 18k gold foil, this Murano Glass Elephant  is a regal figurine that will add color and style to any room in your house. On a windowsill the glass will catch the light and reflect the layers of color. It can also be displayed on any shelf in your house or collect a few and create a stunning table display.

There are many legends linked to the elephant. In the Italian southern city of Catania, the elephant has one particularly fascinating story. It is said that when Catania was first inhabited, some fierce animals threatened the city and the elephant scared them away. To thank the elephant, it became a symbol of the city. The elephant also stands for happiness, longevity and good luck in other cultures. A thoughtful gift for any occasion!!

Measures about 3 1/2″ from hoof to trunk tip! Comes boxed for easy wrapping!

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