Glass Sculpture, From Grapes to Oranges and Everything In Between

Made exclusively in Murano, Italy these works of art will capture the attention of any art lover who appreciates this time honored tradition of glass work. Uniquely detailed, elegant, charming and brightly colored, this display offers glass enthusiasts a variety of options in a fruit motif both hand blown and solid. Your holiday table may include grapes, apples, lemons, pears, oranges or cherries. These deeply textured colored glass sculptures will captivate your guests, and will become a timeless art piece for any collector.

assorted grapesGrapes

Grapes are a symbol of wealth, abundance, prosperity and fertility. Their vines branch out and grow organically which encourages us to do the same. They are a time honored symbol attached to the most famous of historic tapestries and oil paintings that hang in Art museums. Our glass grapes will complete your festive table setting, buffet or bar area. Stunning and unique they can function as a centerpiece of your holiday dining table or be a fun and whimsical place card holder. Pretty satin ribbon casings round out the stem which has a metal end-cap. There are 14 grapes per cluster and they can have a shiny or matte finish. The leaves are transparent green with a beautifully wrapped stem. These are a perfect gift for any special occasion. glass cherries


No Italian glass menagerie is complete without these elegant, deep red, black stemmed Murano glass cherries, made by hand for you on the island of Murano near Venice, Italy. Fill up your favorite bowl and make a statement in any room of your house or give them as a gift to say “with you my Life is a Bowl of Cherries”.


Place yourself at the head of a rustic table, overlooking the orchards of a small town Umbria, sipping on a sweet pear liquer, and admiring the fresh bowl of fruit before you. These Italians glass pears typify the simple yet elegant beauty many different things. Some believe it represents immortality and prosperity because pear trees live for a long time. Others believe it represents grace and nobility. In Chinese, the work li means both pear and separation, so to avoid a separation, friends and lovers should not divide pears between themselves!

apples and lemons

Apples & Lemons

These beauties are sure to be the apple of your eye. Handcrafted and blown by local artisans in Murano. The craftsman uses a myriad of colored cane which he manipulates over a torch flame. He adds Millefiori mosaics to the objects along with 18k gold foil for a beautifully regal finished product.

glass strawberries


Strawberries are the best of the berries! With their beautiful heart shape, they are known for purity, passion and healing. They are also considered the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. Our strawberries are the perfect accent pieces for any room in your home. We even love these as holiday ornaments! You are sure to be berry impressed by these beauties!