Glass Figurines - Animals And Clowns That Delight

The glass figurines from Murano are made from the highest quality Murano glass by glass artists on the island of Murano. They tell a story of a favorite animal, a treasured image or character. The elephant brings good luck, the rooster is a protector of the home, the clowns a favorite of collectors and the bird represents freedom. Each piece, made by hand, has it’s own personality; with expressive eyes, a cocked head, the artist breathes life into it with their attention to detail.

Glass figurines, whether it is a bird, an elephant, a turtle, a cat, a frog or a clown make a beautiful collectible for yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone else. They look great on a table, shelf or desktop. Their vibrant colors are accentuated when illuminated.

glass figurines


These irresistible birds are handmade on the island of Murano, Italy by a master glass artisan. Starting with the body of the bird, the Master adds color and detail by heating and manipulating the glass cane. They are then taken off island to be sandblasted giving them the delightful “satinate” finish. They come in many different colors and some are even accented with 14kt gold foil. You will find yourself smiling when you look at their sweet, expressive faces, little yellow beaks and heart shaped wings. They are the perfect companions; they don’t eat much and never make a mess. Talk about a gorgeous gift!!


The glass elephants are a regal figurine that will add color and style to any room in your house. On a windowsill the glass will catch the light and reflect the layers of color. It can also be displayed on any shelf in your house, collect a few and create a stunning table display or start with a “family” of elephants. There are many legends linked to the elephant. In the Italian southern city of Catania, the elephant has one particularly fascinating story. It is said that when Catania was first inhabited, some fierce animals threatened the city and the elephant scared them away. To thank the elephant, it became a symbol of the city. The elephant also stands for happiness, longevity and good luck in other cultures. A thoughtful gift for any occasion!!

millefiori turtles


Hand blown with Millefiori mosaic detail, this Murano Glass Turtle will bring a touch of the ocean and add color to any room in your house. On a windowsill the glass will catch the light and reflect the layers of color. It can also be displayed on any shelf in your house. Collect all the colors to put an entire turtle family on display.

millefiori frogs


These frogs are rich in color and their use of the Millefiori Mosaic on a bed of silver foil. Their eyes are expressive as their dainty fingers reach for the incoming insect. Grouped together or as a statement on their own, their whimsical appearance is sure to delight. They look great on a windowsill or add to a potted plant for a tough of elegance.

glass clowns

Glass Clown Figurines

Glass clowns are made using a method called “torchworking” where the glass is heated and while in a molten state it is shaped and manipulated. Molten glass of various colors can be added creating whatever multi-colored clown the artist wants to make in that moment. Each piece is always unique; there are no two alike. All the colors of the clowns will vary, but they all have the same joyful personality!!