Finding Good Fortune in the Italian Ceramic Rooster!


The famous Italian ceramic Rooster Pitcher symbolizes “Good Fortune”. Italian tradition is to give it as a housewarming or wedding gift, to protect from trespassers and dangers. The origin of the “Rooster Pitcher” dates back to the early Renaissance period in the Republic of Florence, Italy.

During this time, one of the most powerful and leading landowning families, the Medici’s, held a feast in the nearby village of Gallina. Later that night, while everyone slept, a rival family sent assassins to assassinate a leading member of the Medici family. The assassination attempt failed when the roosters in the yards in and around the village started cackling. The assassins were caught and executed. In honor of the roosters, artisans were commissioned by the Medici family to create ceramic replicas of the roosters to be used as wine pitchers.

Medici Family.