Blown Glass Ornaments: A Guide For Unique Holiday Decor

Blown Glass Ornaments

Ornaments are a popular Christmas tree decoration, and beautiful glass blown ornaments make a stunning statement or a thoughtful gift. Glass blowing was discovered in the 1st century in Rome. Once glass blowing was discovered, glass objects and vessels became more readily available to the public. The art of glass blowing has been refined and perfected over the years. These beautiful pieces from Murano will add style and elegance to any Christmas tree or tabletop. They are handmade in Murano by skilled artisans.

blown glass ornaments

Unique Christmas Ornaments

There are many types of ornaments and glass blown ornaments are unique as no two are exactly the same. Glass blown ornaments with loops are perfect to hang in a tree. They are light enough for tree limbs but heavy enough not to easily break. Stack them in a tall clear vase as a centerpiece. Or place in bowl on a tabletop. They are perfect to hang in a window where the sun light streams in, the colors will dance around your room. You’ll find many different designs from Filigrana to Millefiori.

blown glass ornaments

These Pinecones with Holly and Apples with Holly are beautiful and unique. The gold accents on the apples are achieved using 18k gold foil. They make a lovely addition to any holiday décor and can be arranged in many different ways.

blown glass angel ornaments

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Angels are the perfect glass Christmas ornaments and can be hung on a tree or adorn a mantel top to add to a Nativity. These gorgeous angels have a truly heavenly effect. They make a joyous gift to any special person on your list.

blown glass heart ornaments

Heart Ornaments

These beautiful heart ornaments will light up any window or Christmas tree. Line your patio with a collection of colors and watch them catch the light! Marvel at them in your plants, windows, or among hanging lights. Flocked with 18k Gold, these will be cherished for generations.

glass christmas trees

Christmas Tree

Starting with a solid color of Murano glass, Millefiori mosaic discs are added like beautiful little ornaments. This unique tree is then flocked in 18kt gold to give it a stunning and regal finish. Celebrate the holidays or enjoy it year round as it will add pizazz and style to any corner of your home or office.

blown glass Santa ornaments

Glass Gnome Santa Figurines

Made on the island of Murano of 100% Murano glass, these Gnome Santas give us another reason to smile at the coming Holiday season. They are whimsical and sweet and will add style to any holiday display.