Pottery is not just basic functional ware. It may look like a bowl or a plate that you have washed and rinsed a hundred times, but it is so much more than that. A hand painted ceramic piece, from Deruta or any of the myriad of regions in Italy that call ceramics their specialty, is a personal expression, made with the steady and focused hand of an artist. The motifs tell a story of what
    Italy has beaten back this devastating Coronavirus only to be hit with a lack of tourism which is hurting their economy with equal ferocity.  A CNN article titled Italy Laments the Loss of the US Tourist talks about how they are especially missing  Americans.  What does the American tourist mean to the day to day lives of Italians? I couldn’t help but reflect on my own experience of living as an American in

Is This REALLY Murano Glass?

Posted by Elisabetta on  July 4, 2020

Category: Murano Glass Blog
Customers often ask me “How do I know if this is real Murano Glass?” The best advice I can give is: Know your seller. Do a little research on the person who is selling the glass. Have they been in business long? Do they have a relationship with the artist? Do they spend time in Murano? Do they value working with authentic Murano glass artisans? Is the object made in Murano from Murano glass or,
Positano was the perfect starting point for our exploration of the Amalfi coast; a beautiful, little beach town famous for its colorful buildings, excellent restaurants and steep stairways. Our morning view from the hotel window was breathtaking—rising from the landscape was the blue and yellow tiled dome of Santa Maria Assunta; a regal sentinel that bares witness to the rich history of Positano and commands the attention of all who are near. Below us, the
What is Millefiori? I am often asked, “Millefiori? What does that mean?” Literally translated from Italian to English, “mille” means thousand and “fiori” means flower so millefiori means thousand flowers. It refers to the flower design inside of each mosaic chip multiplied by the many chips it takes to create an object using this form of glass artistry. How Millefiori is made: It begins as a large flower made up of many thin rods of