Congratulations! You just bought your first My Italian Decor product, now what?  While you admire it sparkling in the light as it sits on your coffee table, your mantle, or your dresser, you might wonder how to care for such a work of art.  Fortunately, it’s easier than it seems, but there are certainly a few guidelines to follow.  Murano glass, whether it is blown or shaped, that is decorated with colored glass or cane
Murano glass is world renowned for its beauty and craftsmanship. People travel all over the world to visit the Island of Murano in search of these dazzling and elegant treasures.  However beautiful the glass is, its history and how it came to be on the Island of Murano is equally intriguing.   The craft of making and blowing glass started in Venice, Italy in the late 1200’s and quickly became the citys’ major industry.  The Glassmaker’s
To begin only the finest raw material is used: -Sand: silica 70% -Soda: sodium carbonate -Chile saltpeter: sodium nitrate The Fusion Process: The raw materials are mixed together in the heat-resistant crucible (ceramic or metal container)  and then fused in a kiln that can reach up to 1.400°C. The Murano glass in its basic composition is colorless. The colors are obtained by adding small amounts of minerals, oxides, and chemical derivatives to the base composition
glass grapes
Made exclusively in Murano, Italy these works of art will capture the attention of any art lover who appreciates this time honored tradition of glass work. Uniquely detailed, elegant, charming and brightly colored,  this display offers  glass enthusiasts a variety of options in a fruit motif both hand blown and solid.   Your holiday table may include grapes, apples, lemons, pears, oranges or cherries. These deeply textured colored glass sculptures will captivate your guests, and will
glass birds
The glass figurines from Murano are made from the highest quality Murano glass by glass artists on the island of Murano.  They tell a story of a favorite animal, a treasured image or character. The elephant brings good luck, the rooster is a protector of the home, the clowns a favorite of collectors and the bird represents freedom. Each piece, made by hand, has it’s own personality; with expressive eyes, a cocked head, the artist